As the global staffing market grows, changing time calls for a "modification" in characteristic of recruitment. Therefore, as our brand "BKK-Link" reveals recruitment within Bangkok, we have shifted our notion to cover "smaller range to reach more" in order to accomplish the word "right" in the phrase "Put the right man to the right job".

Bkk-Link Recruitment is a group member of A-Link Recruitment with the specific mission to provide eligible staffing solutions to the clients in Bangkok area. We have started our own operation in 2008. Ever since, we constantly enhances our work procedure to meet client’s need. At the present, we have multinational corporations, small to medium enterprises and Japanese firms across major industries as our clients.

We remain the same as time passes. We dedicated ourselves to be in top of what we do, and highly committed to be the best in delivering efficient and assured staffing solutions for our clients.



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